Aqua Phoenix

Title: YPMan (Yellow Pages [NIS] Manager)
Short Description: YPMan provides all of the tools that are necessary to manage and maintain YP User Accounts as well as machine specific user accounts in a GUI environment.
Tools used: Perl, Tk
Platforms: Any Perl Tk compliant platform that supports the basic commands cp, mkdir, rm, etc, and, for the YP component of the software, the command ypmake.
Date: December 2000 - February 2001 (on-going)

YPMan is a graphical System Administration tool intended to manage Yellow Page (NIS) user accounts. It was first used at the Gateway Lab, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Columbia University, a laboratory of Silicon Graphics workstations.

The software package comprises 2 parts, one of which is optional (*) and not crucial for the system's functionality:

  1. The main GUI program is used to
    • Add / Edit (Move, Rename) / Delete User Accounts
    • Manage ftp server privileges, account locks, e-mail forwarding, creation/expiration, Account payment
    • (*) Batch Add Users that have registered for an account from a web site. (See below)
    • Manage Groups (/etc/group)
    • Manage Netgroups (/etc/netgroup)
    • Mass Mail: Manage e-mails and mass mail e-mails to selected users, e.g. Account Payment, Account Deletion Warning, etc.
    • Tabulated information about user accounts
    • Graphical Analysis of hard drive space usage
    • YPMan Settings: location of files, default values, etc.
    • YP Restarts

  2. an optional WWW component that provides a web interface for:
    • Account Registration: registrants enter some basic information, and choose a pre-defined group (modifiable from the GUI program); this web interface can be locked to a certain range of workstations, e.g. only to machines in the lab, to avoid false registration from outside sources.
    • Account Saves: useful for time-limited user accounts; account holders may elect to have their accounts remain active, so that the accounts are not deleted after expiration