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Title: Collection of miscellaneous code

1. Lotus Notes Mailbox format to mbox Converter

Converts Lotus Notes mailbox into format used by Unix mail and Eudora (mbox format).

  Lotus Notes Mailbox Converter  

2. 16 Byte MySQL Password Hash

Generates a 16 byte hash for a password string. This version was used in MySQL 3 and 4, but was replaced by a more secure version in MySQL 5. The code below is useful for those, who have relied on the PASSWORD() function in MySQL for fields other than user.password in the mysql database, and require the previous hash function to continue to check passwords. Code below compiles to stand-alone programs. Copy the function passwordHash16B from the provided files to your Perl, Java, or C code and replace SQL queries for PASSWORD() to use the hash functions instead. The code can also be useful for those who require a simple password hashing scheme. The original C code was taken from the MySQL source (version 4.0.x), and was ported to Perl and Java.

  16b Password Hash in C  

  16b Password Hash in Java  

  16b Password Hash in Perl