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Title: VAST MM: Video Audio Structure Text Multimedia Browser
Short Description: Video Indexing and Browsing tool designed for presentation videos (lectures, student presentations, talks, etc.)
Hardware required: Computer for Indexing, Server for Database and Streaming, MPEG2 Encoder if transferring from video tape to digitized video
Software required: FFMPEG and its libraries (video transcoding, video indexing), IBM ViaVoice (automatic transcription), C compiler for indexing software, Java for UI browser
Platforms: Video Indexer: any platform with FFMPEG and C compiler; Video browser: any Java WebStart compliant platform
Date: June 2004 - present
Keywords: Video, audio, segmentation, indexing, searching, browsing, semantics, inaccurate transcripts, lecture video, instructional video, presentation video, talks, Java MPEG, MPEG video player, streaming video, streaming server
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VAST Video Audio Structure Text MultiMedia Browser is an interactive video library browser featuring tools for video search and retrieval, developed in the High Level Vision lab in the Department of Computer Science at Columbia University. The major parts of the browser include:

  • Text search tools for video content
  • Interactive visualization for video scene segmentation
  • Interactive visualization for filtered key phrases from automatically generated (ASR) transcripts (IBM ViaVoice)
  • Visualization for speaker segmentation
  • Streaming video (MPEG1) via a pure Java implementation that does NOT require a separate package such as JMF and does not rely on the underlying system codecs
  • Keyframe player for fast video skimming