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Title: I-DEAS FEA (Finite Element Analysis) - Structural Analysis of a Wheel
Course: (Columbia University) E1102 Design Fundamentals, Spring 2003
Short Description: Using Studio|Tools we model a wheel including a rubber tire, then import the wheel model in I-DEAS for the purpose of analyzing the structure of the model.
Tools used: Alias|Wavefront Studio|Tools 10.0 and I-DEAS Master Series 9m
Platforms: Windows, IRIX
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The goal of this tutorial is to analyze the structure of a wheel, i.e. the forces acting on all components (hub, spokes, rim) in this wheel. You will be importing your wheel from StudioTools to I-DEAS, which is a CAD/CAM/CAE software package that will allow you to analyze the 3 dimensional model.

Analysis of this kind can be very complex given all the different forces acting on a wheel, whether it be gravity, acceleration, weight of the bike and rider, torque, friction, etc. We will thus simplify the analysis while still maintaining a reasonable reality to the process.

Before performing FEA on your own model, you may wish to download the following example model for a first attempt at FEA:

Save the model in your Alias/user_data/demo/wire directory.