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Title: I-DEAS FEA (Finite Element Analysis) - Potential Flow Analysis of a Motorcycle
Course: (Columbia University) E1102 Design Fundamentals, Spring 2003
Short Description: Using Studio|Tools we model the cross-section of a motorcycle, then import the 2D curve in I-DEAS for the purpose of simulating aerodynamic flow in a wind tunnel.
Tools used: Alias|Wavefront Studio|Tools 10.0 and I-DEAS Master Series 9m
Platforms: Windows, IRIX
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The goal of this tutorial is to analyze the aerodynamic properties of a motorcycle. Specifically, you will be analyzing the 2D cross-section of a motorcycle using Finite Element Analysis in I-DEAS. You will create the cross-sectional curve using known tools in StudioTools (CV curves), and you will then import this file in I-DEAS, where you will set-up and complete the analysis.

Modeling a wind tunnel in I-DEAS, which is essentially no more than a box, is not difficult. However, we would like to preserve as much reality in this simulation as possible. This means that the overall dimensions of the wind tunnel and the therein positioned motorcycle must be correct relatively and absolutely. Below, you will find for download a StudioTools wire file, which will help you in properly dimensioning your motorcycle's profile, as well as two I-DEAS model files, which contain the wind tunnel. These model files have been calibrated to match dimensions. The dimensions have been set to MKS units (Meters Kilograms Seconds).

Save the StudioTools wire model in your Alias/user_data/demo/wire directory.

Save these two model files in your home directory.

Before performing FEA on your own model, you may wish to download the following example curve profile for a first attempt at FEA:

Save the StudioTools wire model in your Alias/user_data/demo/wire directory.